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  • Naegleria fowleri — Different stages of Naegleria fowleri Scientific classification Domain: Eukaryota Phylum …   Wikipedia

  • amebocyte — 1. A wandering cell found in invertebrates. 2. Obsolete term for leukocyte. 3. An in vitro tissue culture leukocyte. [ameba, + kytos, cell] * * * ame·bo·cyte or chiefly Brit amoe·bo·cyte ə mē bə .sīt …   Medical dictionary

  • ameboid — 1. Resembling an ameba in appearance or characteristics. 2. Of irregular outline with peripheral projections; denoting the outline of a form of colony in plate culture. [ameba + G. eidos, appearance] * * * ame·boid or chiefly Brit amoe·boid ə mē …   Medical dictionary

  • ameboflagellate — ame·bo·flag·el·late (ə me″bo flagґə lāt) [amebo + flagellate] a microorganism having both an ameboid and a flagellate stage in its life cycle; said of certain protozoa …   Medical dictionary

  • amében — bna o prid. (ẹ̑) nanašajoč se na amebo: amebno gibanje ♦ med. amebna griža …   Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika

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